Monday, January 16, 2023

Money politics.


Tahun 2015 saya ngopi dengan teman teman di Ritz. Diantara mereka ada elite politik yang juga pengusaha. “ It seems that the political elites now want to build a new paradigm about the existence of funding for politics. They don't want to depend on those people anymore. They must control business resources. So that they have access to share and common interests. For example, every business concession must have a proxy or representative of the political elite involved. This means that there will be a restructuring of the political relationship between them. That is the importance of the rules regarding the presidential threshold ” Kata teman. Dia juga cerita siapa penggagas ide ini.

In February 2016, the Red and White Coalition dissolved. I remembered that casual chat in 2015. It seems like a deal was struck with a new paradigm of sharing. KMP dissolved to join the government coalition. After that, we can see the SWAP process of Medco's debt that acquired Newmont into Diamond Bridge shares. The release of Saratoga's Paiton shares to Toba. These two things happened through hostile politics. There was a amendment to the Minerba Law that spoiled investors. The House of Representatives is full of smiles without continuing to the Special Committee on any case. The opposition is just drama.

We also know how the Jiwasraya case was resolved through the Buil-in scheme, by restructuring obligations to customers in the long term. While the legal case is a means of writing off all the elites involved including the conglomerate MTNs purchased by Jiwasraya. The same with the ASABRI case. The same with the GI debt settlement, which catapulted Eric's name. Even though because of that, the bills of 27 BUMNs to GI were exchanged for 0.1 interest MTNs for 22 years. That's the same as write off. All legal. There are perpetrators who are subject to the TPPU article. The people do not understand this.

Most of the TNI and Polri officials sit as Commissioners in group companies that have business concessions in Indonesia. This means that communication between the TNI / POLRI elite and the political elite will be intimate. This is effective in maintaining political stability. And therefore Jokowi can win again in the 2019 elections. His advisor is Haji Isam, who is known as the boss of mining in South Kalimantan and Trenggono the boss of telecommunications towers. And after that Prabowo and Sandi entered the cabinet. Gerindra joined the government coalition.

Sebagai pedagang sempak saya berpendapat. This paradigm is what is called an open oligarchy. The public knows everything. That's good. Because at least the tycoons is controlled by the political elite. So the tycoons can't be kingmakers. The inability of KIP dealing to support Anies to get sponsorship funds is the cause. The determining change is the political elite, not the tycoon. I think so.

Dan siapa Capres ? ada dikantong para oligarki. Ya wajar. Mereka inginkan paradigma itu dapat dipertahankan dan dilanjutkan oleh presiden berikutnya. Mengapa ? kan bahaya kalau presiden berikutnya tebas paradigma oligarkhi. Akan banyak yang masuk bui. Apalagi dari awal saya dengar Nasdem di kick out dari oligarghi yang sudah terbentuk. Wajar saja dia membangun aliansi baru lewat jaringan invisible untuk rebut oligarghi yang ada. Maklum kan tidak semua pengusaha mau diatur politik. Sementara jalur extra ordinari way, LE kena jerat KPK. SD, kena jerat TPPU Jaksa Agung. FS juga masuk.

Itu sebabanya saat saya tanya kepada elite PKS. “ Mengapa kalian tidak cepat setujui Anies sebagai capres.”

“ Oligarghi itu cerdas. Mereka tunggu PKS dukung Anies. Sekali PKS mendukung, Anies kena KPK. Hancurlah reputasi PKS sebagai partai agama.”

“ Artinya biarin aja yang perang SP. Kalau SP kalah. Ya PKS gabung ke koalisi lain. Sekarang SP tabuh gendang, PKS dan Demokrat ikut joget aja, “ Kata saya.  

" SP juga bukan lawan kaleng kaleng " Katanya tersenyum.

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